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Cosmetic Dentistry

The finest quality cosmetic dentistry can only be achieved with the help of the very best dental technicians. Amongst those working with Winning Smiles to produce our stunning smile transformations are four times technician of the year Tony Knight and Casterbridge Dental Studios, 2009, 2010 & 2011 Laboratory of the Year.

More than half the population are unhappy with their smile. Research shows that people with attractive smiles are more likely to be popular, to be successful and to find it easier to make friends. Fortunately these days acquiring an attractive smile is fairly straightforward. Whether your problem is crooked or 'goofy' teeth, ugly misshaped teeth, discoloured teeth or unsightly gaps between your teeth Murray has a simple solution for you. View our Smile Gallery or read on about some of the things Murray can do to improve your smile.

Tooth Whitening

A 2013 survey conducted by OralB involving 2000 British men and women found that people with whitened teeth were perceived to be 5 years younger-and 20% more attractive. Happily tooth whitening is really easy to do and surprisingly inexpensive. There are two ways to safely whiten your teeth, take home whitening and chairside whitening. Research shows that both systems are equally effective at whitening your teeth.
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Take home whitening

Murray will take an impression of your mouth. He uses this to make an exact plaster replica of your teeth. A very thin transparent rubber mould is then made on this plaster template. This fits snugly over your teeth. Murray will prescribe you a whitening gel which you wear inside the mould for two hours a day for three weeks. At just £395 home whitening is the cheaper of the two techniques. It also uses less concentrated whitening gels which are kinder to the teeth and gums. Because the change is happening gradually you have more control over the degree of whitening-you can stop as soon as you have reached your desired tooth shade. There is no danger of you ending up looking like Simon Cowell!

Chairside whitening

(often incorrectly referred to as ‘laser whitening’). Chairside whitening systems such as ‘Zoom’use higher concentrations of gel and the application of heat and ultra violet light to speed up the lightening reaction. These systems are faster but no more effective than take home whitening. After your in-surgery whitening you will still have to undertake two further weeks of home whitening if you are to prevent your teeth returning to their original colour. It is worth remembering that you will also have less control over the degree of whitening achieved. Chairside whitening is also generally quite a bit more expensive than home whitening.

How long will your teeth stay white?

Tooth lightening turns back the hands of time by a few years but unfortunately the clock starts ticking again. If you want your teeth to retain their new lighter shade then you will probably have to do a touch-up whitening every 3-5 years. Touch up whitening gel costs less than £30 and is worn overnight in your custom made whitening mould for a few night


These are thin slivers of porcelain which are glued onto worn or misshapen teeth to improve their appearance.
Before Veneers
After Veneers

Tooth Straightening

Braces are not just for kids these days! Straightening crooked teeth usually costs between £1200 - £4000 depending on complexity, (or £83 a month over 2 years or £33 a month over 5 years). Often tooth straightening can be accomplished without extracting any teeth and using clear braces.
Murray offers Invisalign; along with the American 'Six Month Smiles' and British CFast and CThru rapid cosmetic alignment systems and the Budget Inman Aligner.

Changing the Shape of Unattractive Teeth.

There are various ways of doing this, composite bonding, veneers, crowns and replacing fillings.

Composite bonding

Murray simply adds an adhesive tooth coloured material called ‘composite’ to your teeth to give them a more natural appearance. Murray’s own daughter, Caroline had two misshapen incisor teeth. Murray added composite to give them the pleasing appearance you see in the photo on the right. Composite bonding can also be a highly effective way to close unattractive gaps between teeth.
Composite Bonding
Composite bonding


These are porcelain thimbles placed over broken down teeth in order to strengthen them or to improve their appearance.
Before Crowns
After Crowns

White Fillings

Replacing old metal fillings or stained front fillings can really rejuvenate your smile and make your teeth look cleaner and healthier. The cost of a white filling depends on its size. A single surface filling on a front tooth costs from £95.00
White Fillings

Implants or Bridges

These are used in situations where you have teeth missing. An implant is an artificial root which is embedded in the porcelain. A crown is then fitted onto this root. The total cost of implant plus crown is generally around £2300 - £2500. A bridge is a dummy tooth which is attached either to a crown or to a titanium wing which sticks onto the back of a healthy tooth. The cost depends upon the number of teeth being replaced but starts at around £750.
Before Implant
Before Implant

Murray is a multi-award winning cosmetic dentist

You are never too young or old for a new smile

Murray has thirty plus years of experience


Murray qualified from Manchester University in 1984. He opened his first practice in Gillingham in 1991. His special interests are cosmetic dentistry and treatment of nervous patients. He was voted Britain's Dentist of the Year in 2002, finalist in the 2012, Aesthetic Dentistry Award, and was the finalist in the 2009 Smile Awards, Britain's top award for cosmetic dentistry.

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