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Cosmetic Dentistry by Murray Hawkins

Pain Free Dentistry

Dentistry needn't be uncomfortable. Murray has several tricks up his sleeve to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable as possible.


Murray uses a revolutionary American system called Vibraject to numb your teeth. A tiny vibrator is attached to the anaesthetic syringe.Vibration sensation travels to the brain much faster than pain sensation so your brain just registers a humming sensation and is scarcely aware of the anaesthetic entering your gums. To hear what Murray's patients have to say about this remarkable system, watch the video below.
Vibraject Pain Free

Numbing Gel

The first thing Murray does before anaesthetising your teeth is to apply numbing gel to your gums. You can even choose from a wide range of flavours such as malt whisky, gin and tonic, Amaretto, spearmint and strawberry!

Fluid Abrasion

If a cavity is small then Murray does not even use a drill. He simply washes the decay away using a fine jet of water containing abrasive particles. To learn more about this technique visit. To read more about this technique visit
Fluid Abrasion

Drill Free

We offer drill free dentistry wherever possible. For small fillings decay is usually removed painlessly using water jet abrasion or by using a liquid called Carisolve to disolve the decay. In the case of large fillings the tooth is numbed painlessly using our revolutionary tens technology.

Murray is a multi-award winning cosmetic dentist

You are never too young or old for a new smile

Murray has thirty plus years of experience


Murray qualified from Manchester University in 1984. He opened his first practice in Gillingham in 1991. His special interests are cosmetic dentistry and treatment of nervous patients. He was voted Britain's Dentist of the Year in 2002, finalist in the 2012, Aesthetic Dentistry Award, and was the finalist in the 2009 Smile Awards, Britain's top award for cosmetic dentistry.

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